With the same essence and philosophy as in its origins in 1839, Lhardy's menu brings together classic dishes that are already part of the history of Madrid gastronomy, such as the legendary Lhardy stew, croquettes, Wellington sirloin or soufflé, and new creations such as the sole Evaristo in Champagne or the Wild grouper with squid noddles and wild asparagus


  • Smoked Salmon from Pescaderías Coruñesas with egg yarn Lhardy 24€
  • Tomatoes from Granja de los Monjes with ventresca tuna 19€
  • Pickled foie from Ampurdán 26€
  • Pâté en croûte Lhardy 23€
  • Potato salad with line-caught seabass 22€
  • Shrimps cocktail Lhardy 26€
  • Pickled partridge 19,50€
  • Assorted Galician lobster vinaigrette 35€
  • Stew croquette Lhardy 4 €/piece
  • Iberian ham “Cinco Jotas” (5J) 32€
  • Pan-fried clams from Carril with Palo Cortado 26€
  • “Callos” Lhardy Madrid-style tripe (The most famous from Madrid) 22€
  • Onion soup Lhardy 18€
  • Can of Lhardy caviar 50g with blinis (Russian pancake) and butter 160€
  • Gazpacho Lhardy with king crab 23€


  • Wellington sirloin Lhardy with crispy potatoes 34€ p.p.
  • Canetón duck from the Landas roasted with orange (centennial recipe from Lhardy) 34€
  • Sole Evaristo’s style with champagne 38€ p.p.
  • 100% ox sirloin steak tartar with crispy potatoes 32€
  • White veal shank Santi Santamaría style (one person) 37€
  • White veal shank Santi Santamaría style (two people) 74€
  • Wild grouper with squid noodles and wild asparagus 39€


  • Glazed French onion 5,50€
  • Crispy potatoes from Granja de los Monjes 5,50€
  • Turned potatoes from Granja de los Monjes 5,50€
  • Robuchon style mashed potatoes 5,50€
  • Lettuce salad with spring onion 5,50€
  • Sautéed spinach with dried apricots and pistachios 5,50€

The legendary Madrid stew by Lhardy

  • Madrid stew 65€

    Soup with angel hair noodles, pico pardal chickpea from Astorga, cabbage and carrot from Carabaña, potato from Granja de los Monjes, chorizo sausage from León, black pudding from Valle de Arán, truffled sausage of porks from Euskal Txerri, Iberian bacon, Galician beef sausage, Galician cow marrow, Iberian ham from Huelva, crispy Iberian ear with Lhardy brava sauce (hot sauce), Iberian rib from Sierra of Villuercas and stuffed stew. For finishing, Soufflé Lhardy.


  • Cream Milhojas with ganache of whipped vanilla 10€
  • Soufflé Lhardy 11€

    The mythical Lhardy Soufflé

  • Artisanal ice creams (chocolate or hazelnut) 8€
  • Artisanal vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate 9,50€
  • Mango sorbet 8€
  • The “Gourmand” of the Cocoa Chef (El Goloso) 10,50€
  • Fruit salad Lhardy with natural orange juice 9,50€
  • French toast à la minute with vanilla icecream ball 9€
  • Assorted cheese board Lhardy 20€


  • Half combination Lhardy 6,50€
  • Aperol spritz 12,50€
  • Lhardy Gin fizz 12,50€
  • Bloody Mary 12,50€
  • Lhardy sherry Mary 12,50€
  • Dry Martini 12,50€
  • Desde 1911 whisky sour 12,50€
  • Negroni 12,50€