The year opened Lhardy still Cúchares was fighting, there was water carriers on the streets and just born zarzuela music.

With the decoration of this beautiful facade defined by the taste of the Second Empire now returning to captivate, Lhardy has jealously preserve the courtly and aristocratic atmosphere of the twentieth century Madrid, and early twenty-first while the best formulas European cuisine.

A meal in the Lhardy to evoke the stately world, while enjoying the best cuisine.

The time that passes and returns the mirror Lhardy

The famous restaurant Lhardy enters its 3rd century of existence in the same house for the Carrera de San Jerónimo which opened its doors in 1839, when Madrid was Court of the Queen Regent and finished to narrow Vergara embrace between Espartero and Maroto.

Much of the history of Spain has been hatched between the elegance of these walls, under their label lamps evoke the romance and solemnity, and around their tablecloths to continue emphasizing the finest culinary refinements.

This unchanging environment, with the encouragement of delicacies and libations, have decided to overthrow kings and politicians, republics, introduction of new dynasties, restorations, regencies and dictatorships.

In the mirror Lhardy as saying Azorin "esfumamos us in eternity" came in and out of the beyond. At the highest levels.

Two simultaneous flashes: Lhardy and romance

Emile Huguenin, born in Montbéliard, of Swiss parents, had been a reporter in Besancon, cook in Paris, and "restaurateur" to own property in Bordeaux, the center of Spanish exiles, where supporters had met with Joseph Bonaparte

La Carrera de San Jerónimo already acquired packing a fashionable street, the style of the rue de la Paix, which contribute to the appearance a few years after the windows of jewelry Mellerio, goldsmiths the first and the second Empire.

A banker transforms and Exchange builds railways; it is Salamanca, regular Lhardy, held there in 1841, the christening of his eldest son, Fernando Salamanca Livermore.

What a miracle! Gas light turns on to more luxurious environment Lhardy. A mid-nineteenth century is not spoken in Madrid rather than Lhardy inevitable luxury meals and Pascual Madoz includes it in his gazetteer place. Elizabeth II was Getaways from Palace to eat Lhardy, and after the Restoration happen to Alfonso XII, who was accompanied by the Duke of Sesto, Benalúa Tamames and Bertran de Lis.

By 1880, the noted decorator Rafael Guerrero sets the new face of Lhardy

Among the historical Lhardy suggestions to offer, it is very interesting to know the personality of the decorator, it was Rafael Guerrero, father of actress María Guerrero.

The taste of the Second Empire, equipped with the elegance of gentry who now returns to captivate, are outlined in the design of the facade of Lhardy, built with magnificent mahogany from Cuba as a symbol of those who were our overseas provinces.

One must add to this the magnificent evocation French wines that illustrated the table. When Emilio Lhardy died, the dynasty continued with her son Augustine, very prominent painter and engraver, who knew admirably combine his artistic activity and social poise of a true gentleman with the constant improvement of your business. Among his artist friends, the most intimate Benlliure, who spent time living in Lhardy and inviting personalities from politics, aristocracy, journalism and art.

Secrets of Japanese Salon

Among Lhardy eaters, who keeps more secrets in the history of Spain is the Japanese room, where all sorts of conspiracies and cabals were developed.

The remarkable constellation of the last half century

When the civil war ended, the mirror again Lhardy collect images of illustrious figures of the Spanish intelligentsia, some marginalized by political circumstances and others attracted by the desire to share his prestige and exchange of ideas.

Lhardy has jealously preserve their aristocratic and intellectual over half a century atmosphere.

Europeanism that characterized the kitchen Lhardy when distances and borders were less accessible, it is now present in the table, with the dignity of the great French wines "château" with eminent reserves the Duero or Rioja.

In the romantic tradition of the new classrooms

Lhardy, historical and literary scene of Madrid, in the last two centuries, when starting the 3rd of its existence has experienced a slight enlargement, three lounges that increase their ability and beauty, in the romantic style of the house.

Gastronomy and its creators

The reference to music is appropriate when the orchestration that requires the gastronomic festival is appreciated.
In Lhardy is careful to detail from the presentation of the tables to the finished dish, and that diplomatic guessing under customer's taste is exercised.